We are assembling a team of bright minds including entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers and educators to explore tomorrow's macro problems - today. EmergentX conducts research, develops technology and coordinates capital deployment to accelerate progress in emerging areas of interest.

AI and Drones

Artificial intelligence and autonomous drones are unlocking human potential by providing new means of interacting with our world and beyond. Construction, natural disaster support, exploration and food supply are being revolutionized by the use of autonomous technology.

Space & Ocean

New challenges are emerging as humans look beyond the Earth's land continents. Moon colonies, low earth orbit and seasteading communities require solutions to energy production and storage, waste management, construction and communications.


Mainstream blockchain adoption is making realtime financial capabilities for everyone a reality. Technologies such Bitcoin, Ethereum and CBDCs allow individuals and companies to realize financial outcomes faster. Accessible, frictionless finance empowers societies' participants and unlocks their full potential.

Health & Longevity

Key to providing effective health care is transitioning from general, reactive treatments to patient DNA specific, preventative based strategies. By building on research on human longevity - such as treating aging as a disease, and not an eventual outcome - health care systems can significantly increase quality and length of life.

Governance Tech

Distributed Autonomous Organizations, deployed on blockchain, are enabling remote teams to develop multi-billion dollar businesses. By moving all governance to the blockchain, including treasury and stakeholder voting, organizations can accelerate the deployment of resources and adapt to new challenges faster than traditional entities.